Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Stuff

It's been a long weekend, and I've been up to a whole lot of nothing as far as SL goes....I guess I haven't been feeling it the past few days. I thought I'd end up spending my time off from RL work here, but when there's no one online to talk to, you can only grab so many freebies, lol. My poor inventory is already full of things I might never wear, but I keep getting them just in case I might want/need them down the road somewhere. I see there are a few hunts going on, and this is my reaction:

That's me screaming *NOOOOOO*, btw...even though I look kind of happy, lol. I'm tempted to do at least one of them just for something to do, but I know once I start I'll only do a few before I get bored. Call me lazy, but I'd rather wait for one of the blogs I read to post about a really good gift before I go get it, lol. Well, lazy and then the fact that between RL work and trying to get some sleep, my time here is pretty limited these days.

Summer is here again, and I'm going to make myself get more sleep. For awhile there I was up late (like 3 or 4 am) and getting up after a few hours (like 2 or 3) and going all day, then doing the same thing the next night. Not good. For awhile it was Zyngo, then it was dancing till the wee hours, then just up doing random stuff. Now that the chickens are dead, I don't know what will keep me up late...but as usual, I'm sure I'll find something. :)

Right now RL is calling, and as much as I'd love to stay in world, sometimes I just have to get up and answer. XOXO

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