Thursday, April 30, 2009

Love Thursday!

My love for this week was easy...I love my little home on the beach! I finally found the coconut chairs I had been looking for, and they seem to complete my landscaping. For now anyway, lol.

I'm thinking of having random house parties here, and finally make use of the dance area I put up awhile back. Possibly even turning off my security and letting the neighbors come by to visit, then kicking them out at the end of the night, lol. It's still up in the air...just a thought I had this morning. I never have had an official housewarming here, and I've been here what...4 months?

My land and house might be small, but it's filled with love, and that's all that really matters anyway. :) XOXO

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 cute!

Just a quick note to share a little gift my friend Nikii gave me. I logged in last night to find this waiting for me. I rezzed it, and it said to click to play the animation...what else was I supposed to do? LOL

The box comes open, and here is this adorable little bear waving at me.

Then he gets up and starts walking towards me...and if you remember, I have this weird thing about dolls/toys coming to life, lol.

After a second or two of thinking it was going to attack or hump me, he did some somersaults and put down some little Happy Rez Day signs. wasn't that sweet? Thanks again Nikii!! XOXO

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something Different

I logged in last night and got a random tp from my friend Nikii to somewhere I'd never been before. I hadn't been out dancing in awhile, so I thought I'd go check it out...I'm always up for something new and I was actually dressed to go clubbin.

I landed at a place called Sturgis, but I think the club was actually called The Tavern Cavern. I'm not a biker by any means, but the music was good and the people were crazy, which I happen to like, lol.

I wasn't too sure at first though, since I saw this girl dancing right next to me.

Turns out she doesn't always look like that, lol. I saw her later and she was actually well put together. That face had me worried, lol.

There's Nikii dancing her sexy ass off. She's going to DJ at this club a few days a need to stop by and see her when she's her some Linden love!

And then there's me...bringing in my rez day with a dance or two. I might not have been in the best of moods, but the night ended better than I had planned. Here's to a new day, and another great year! XOXO

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wow...a whole year!

I just noticed tomorrow is my 1st Rez Day here in SL. I can't believe it's been a year already, and all of the ups and downs I've had along the way. I've made some great friends whom I'd actually hang out with in RL if we weren't so far away from each other, and I've also met some real asshats. Gotta take the good with the bad, just like RL.

My avatar has morphed from just a fantasy character into more of an extension of my real self, and my look has changed quite a bit too. I'll share some of my looks with you, but I didn't have any pics of how I first looked...who would want to see that anyway? LOL

Me at about 2 months in...crazy hair, lol.

That was me last year sometime...not bad. :)

And this is me this morning, wondering what changes my life holds in store for me this year to come. Don't know if my eyes are closed because I'm dreaming, or because I've dozed off, lol. I'm going to say dreaming of great things to come! XOXO

Friday, April 24, 2009

Love Thursday...a day late!

Ok, I know my post for Love Thursdays is a day late, but I just figured out how to get my playlist to show up exactly where I wanted it to. I'm slow, lol.

My love for Thursday would be music. It is the one constant for me, the soundtrack of my life I guess. A bad day can melt away with the right song, and certain ones can take me back in time almost. Some of the songs on my list are just feel good songs, and some of them mean more than others. You can pretty much judge my mood by what I'm listening to, and my list will probably change quite a bit from day to day. Some days I feel pink, some days I'm in more of a black mood...this just happens to be a pink list, lol.
Maybe some of them are your favorites too! XOXO

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exploring Poetik

It's kind of odd for me to log on and have a completely empty friends list, but it actually happened this morning, and I started clicking the showcase for something to do. I wound up at a place called Poetik Velvets, which is an art gallery with some really nice work to see.

I guess I'm feeling pink again, because I ended up here in a display called *The Lonely Doll*, which is about a story of a...what else...lonely doll ...who has teddy bears come to life. Anyway, I never read it as a kid, and it probably would have given me nightmares if I had, considering dolls kind of freak me out anyway, lol. I had to snap a few pics while I was there, and thought I'd share the best ones with you. Don't you feel special? LOL

I think everyone feels this way at least once in awhile.

This is what I'm talking about when I said it would give me nightmares, lol. The writing on the floor says *Isn't it just like a girl to cry when she gets spanked!* comment!

Just one word for this picture....AWW!

I'm ending this post with a reminder to love and cherish the people in your RL and SL that are always there for you to play with, and to keep you from being lonely! XOXO

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trashy Women

Ok, I'm feeling much better this morning...guess it was a combination of little sleep and being bored with SL yesterday that made me feel so freakin emo. I managed to get out and do a little dancing last night, and that's always good for my soul. I can't even remember the name of where I went, but the event was a *Best In Trailer Trash*, lol. Small crowd, but plenty of fug to be seen, such as this person...who according to their profile was actually a man.

There was plenty of bling around last night, but I wasn't sure if it was for the event, or if they were really wearing it because they liked it. I'm hoping for the former, lol.

I didn't win, but I wasn't really trying...I was just there for the hell of it, and to drag my friend along with me for the ride. Guess my sweat pants and crop top weren't trashy enough for them, lol.

I thought dancing with a beer in my hand was a nice touch though, lol. RL is calling, so I'm out for now! XOXO

Monday, April 20, 2009


Maybe it's lack of sleep (due to my rl work schedule being a little thrown off today) or maybe I'm just bored, I don't know. I log in this afternoon and can't find a single thing to do. Not even any cute freebies to tempt me today. So I laid around and listened to music, and that seemed to cheer me up some, but mostly made me want to go dancing, lol. Maybe later. But for now I'll just lie here and daydream a little, and let some sappy music take me away. XOXO

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy Saturday

It's raining again in RL today, so I've had a lazy morning of opening boxes and just general goofing off. It didn't help that I slept until noon, so most of my day was wasted before even opening my eyes, lol.

I got a new toy this morning, and thought I'd try it out. Of course it had to be pink for me, but it changes to any color. Guess I was just feeling pink...that's a happy color right?

If you get up enough speed, and have enough room, you can get a little airborn, lol.

It doesn't, however, work on the water.

My apologies to any neighbors I might have sideswiped at the tier box this morning!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Came For the Candy

Everytime I log into SL, I see the link for info on the Bunny Jam hunt thingy...or whatever it is. It said you can win a full region for a year, for free, so I thought I'd go take the survey and look around. You can't win if you don't play, lol. I don't know what I'd do with a whole region, but could be fun!

So I tp in, click the egg I needed to do the survey, and have a look around. Be's lagtastic around the island. Tons (and I mean tons!) of adorable egg entries, but I only stayed long enough to see a few of them. Then I discovered these:

Giant Peeps! I remember eating these a couple of times as a kid, I think everyone had these things around at Easter time. Fast forward to my adult life, I bought a box of the little chicks. I bit the head off of one and threw the rest away, and remembered again that I don't even like marshmallows, much less gritty sugar in my teeth. These are too cute though! Wonder if my neighbors would think I was weird if I put one of these up on my land? LOL

Me sitting with the giant bunneh, lol.

I never did find the lucky egg, but down below the hunting area is another really cool place to check out. I set my environment to midnight, and it looked amazing. No giant peeps, or brightly decorated eggs, but plenty to see, and perfect to stop and snap a pic or two. I would have stayed to take more, but I wanted to dance, and I can never resist the urge to dance...I really think it's good for the soul. Or at least, my soul. XOXO

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

After trashing my last blog, I'm starting fresh again. Not as a freebie blog, or me griping about hunts and how much stuff I end up deleting. Just me, and my little corner of the grid I call home, and the people in my life that I care about.

My life here in SL is pretty tame these days. I've mostly stayed to myself, not getting out to explore much like I did a few weeks ago. To be honest, it's been prety boring for me lately, so I decided to revive the blog and force myself to get out and see different places.

However, the only thing I've managed to do is tear my old house down, almost sell my land, then change my mind and put up the old house I had before...which turned out to be a good idea, since I saved about 200 prims and had room to put up a little dance area. One of these days I might actually use it, lol.

I still managed to use up most of the prims I had available, lol. I still miss my old home though, it had been a dream home for me, and I loved just hanging out watching youtube videos on the tv and dancing around the house. This will do though. I guess.

As always, the no drama sign is back. It's like a staple on my land, if nothing else than a reminder not to get sucked into all the drama that goes on in SL. I do admit to feeding into it a few times, but it's not something I look for here, and my RL is 99% drama free if you don't count my job, lol.

So yeah...the blog is back. Not sure where it's going yet, but here it is! RL is calling, so I'm out! XOXO