Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Exploring Poetik

It's kind of odd for me to log on and have a completely empty friends list, but it actually happened this morning, and I started clicking the showcase for something to do. I wound up at a place called Poetik Velvets, which is an art gallery with some really nice work to see.

I guess I'm feeling pink again, because I ended up here in a display called *The Lonely Doll*, which is about a story of a...what else...lonely doll ...who has teddy bears come to life. Anyway, I never read it as a kid, and it probably would have given me nightmares if I had, considering dolls kind of freak me out anyway, lol. I had to snap a few pics while I was there, and thought I'd share the best ones with you. Don't you feel special? LOL

I think everyone feels this way at least once in awhile.

This is what I'm talking about when I said it would give me nightmares, lol. The writing on the floor says *Isn't it just like a girl to cry when she gets spanked!* comment!

Just one word for this picture....AWW!

I'm ending this post with a reminder to love and cherish the people in your RL and SL that are always there for you to play with, and to keep you from being lonely! XOXO

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