Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Something Different

I logged in last night and got a random tp from my friend Nikii to somewhere I'd never been before. I hadn't been out dancing in awhile, so I thought I'd go check it out...I'm always up for something new and I was actually dressed to go clubbin.

I landed at a place called Sturgis, but I think the club was actually called The Tavern Cavern. I'm not a biker by any means, but the music was good and the people were crazy, which I happen to like, lol.

I wasn't too sure at first though, since I saw this girl dancing right next to me.

Turns out she doesn't always look like that, lol. I saw her later and she was actually well put together. That face had me worried, lol.

There's Nikii dancing her sexy ass off. She's going to DJ at this club a few days a week...you need to stop by and see her when she's there..show her some Linden love!

And then there's me...bringing in my rez day with a dance or two. I might not have been in the best of moods, but the night ended better than I had planned. Here's to a new day, and another great year! XOXO

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