Friday, April 24, 2009

Love Thursday...a day late!

Ok, I know my post for Love Thursdays is a day late, but I just figured out how to get my playlist to show up exactly where I wanted it to. I'm slow, lol.

My love for Thursday would be music. It is the one constant for me, the soundtrack of my life I guess. A bad day can melt away with the right song, and certain ones can take me back in time almost. Some of the songs on my list are just feel good songs, and some of them mean more than others. You can pretty much judge my mood by what I'm listening to, and my list will probably change quite a bit from day to day. Some days I feel pink, some days I'm in more of a black mood...this just happens to be a pink list, lol.
Maybe some of them are your favorites too! XOXO

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