Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Trashy Women

Ok, I'm feeling much better this morning...guess it was a combination of little sleep and being bored with SL yesterday that made me feel so freakin emo. I managed to get out and do a little dancing last night, and that's always good for my soul. I can't even remember the name of where I went, but the event was a *Best In Trailer Trash*, lol. Small crowd, but plenty of fug to be seen, such as this person...who according to their profile was actually a man.

There was plenty of bling around last night, but I wasn't sure if it was for the event, or if they were really wearing it because they liked it. I'm hoping for the former, lol.

I didn't win, but I wasn't really trying...I was just there for the hell of it, and to drag my friend along with me for the ride. Guess my sweat pants and crop top weren't trashy enough for them, lol.

I thought dancing with a beer in my hand was a nice touch though, lol. RL is calling, so I'm out for now! XOXO

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