Friday, May 8, 2009

Feeling Sexy?

I've been on SL long enough to have seen a little bit of everything now. Sex is everywhere. It seems you can't go anywhere without running into someone who is either running around naked with a giant (and often badly colored) erection, or their chest sliders set to 100. Sometimes those characters aren't even human, but to be honest, one of my good friends runs around as a bunny most of the time, and he works it pretty well, lol.

Other people play roles of dominant or submissive, for whatever reason their heart desires. I tend to be more of the dominant, since I like to be in control of things. Not to say I don't enjoy the opposite, it's just not my style to let someone have total control of me and the things I do. I love my silks though, but more as a fashion thing...they're just plain sexy, lol.

I was trying on some of the stuff in my massive inventory, and ran across one of my favorite outfits that I hardly ever get to wear. Then of course I had to find somewhere appropriate to snap a pic once I realized this would make a good blog post, lol.

I really need to find an excuse to run around in this again. Something about not wearing underwear in public can be quite liberating, lol.

Of course, sexiness to one person might not be to someone else, and that's fine. Sexy isn't really about what you wear, or the kinks you're into, or anything else. It can be something as simple as the way someone or something makes you feel...seduce my mind, and the rest will follow.

/me runs back into the house from taking nude photos outside. XOXO

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