Sunday, May 24, 2009

They're Finally Here!

My baby chickens have finally hatched! I waited impatiently yesterday for them to arrive, but only one managed to hatch before I had to take care of RL work, so I logged in last night to check again, and my other baby had popped out of the shell. They're both girls, so no chance of new eggs cropping up anytime soon, but I might get another egg (or two) eventually and see what happens.

How cute are they?!? Azula and Blanca don't do much right now besides walk around and sleep...Blanca likes to live dangerously and wander right into the waves, but she hasn't gotten killed yet, lol. Azula is harder to catch, she ends up under the party deck and all over the place.

Now that they're here, I don't know what to do with them except watch them, and make sure they're fed. They're adorable though, and it's kind of nice to come home and see them wandering around the beach. Maybe I'm feeling maternal or something, I want more cute things to take care of, lol. Hmm...wonder if a prim kitty would get along with my chicks?

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