Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love Thursday...again

I can't remember if I've already shown some love to this week's topic, but oh well, it deserves another go. I love to dance! There is nothing like a little music therapy to soothe soul, and bring people together. Whether it's something fast and wild, with lots of hooing and random gesturbating, or my personal favorite...a slow sexy song and someone to share the poseballs with.

I don't go too many places these days, but the one club I've spent the most time in (not working, lol) is Blackhearts. It's always packed, but the lag isn't as bad as you'd expect. I did get an offer for a vampire bite while I was there this morning, but as you can see, I was busy shaking my pixel butt for this pic to bother with trying to bite him back, lol.

I didn't stay long, since it's not much fun to dance alone, but the next time I go I'm definitely dragging someone along with. XOXO

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