Saturday, May 16, 2009

Women Behaving Badly

Well, as promised, I have the pics from last night's bachelorette party for my friend Synful. We danced, we laughed, we wore penis hats. I don't even know if I can put the pics up here without getting in trouble with blogger, but oh well. Here they are!

The bride to be in her giant penis throne.

Aubrey and me dancing...I so wish I could have gotten a good pic of her humping the chair. I seriously laughed loud enough to wake the house. Good thing I didn't, lol.

The lovely bride to be in her special veil, lol.

Another shot of Synful, giving the pole one last go before she's a married woman.

And that's me wearing my favorite party gift of the night. I think I'm going to wear this at every given opportunity, if my friends can stand to drag me anywhere in it, lol. I wore it to Sine Wave last night, but it was pretty dead, so no one noticed. Maybe next time, lol.

Anyway, we had fun, and I'm sure the wedding will be beautiful. Love between two people, especially on SL, is rare and special, and when you find someone who can make your heart skip a beat at the most unexpected moment, all you can do is hold on and enjoy the ride. Congratulations you guys! XOXO

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