Monday, May 11, 2009

I Really Need to Stop

I headed down to the Home and Garden Expo the other day, just to check out some outdoor furniture that was selling for a good cause. The proceeds go to Relay for Life, so if I did end up buying something it would help the cause. (Which, by the way, I'm helping raise money in RL for the Relay for Life to help my co-worker and Facebook buddy who has cancer. If you want to donate, IM me inworld for a link to the page!)

Anyway, back to the subject. I saw two things I really wanted, but I'm lacking the prims for them both, but I know where to go if I ever get bigger land. One is this awesome tree that has some cute poses built into it. Perfect for those lazy days just sitting around with friends and shooting the breeze.

The other was this house, which I want in the worst way. I don't have either 2500L or 200+ prims to spare, but just look!

That's me passed out on the sidewalk after seeing the inside and the amazing patio out back. I should have taken more pics, but I got sidetracked once I looked up the builder and ended up on the Costa Rica Sim, which will be a post for another day, lol. *sighs* It sucks to have a prim budget to stick to in SL. A girl can dream though! XOXO

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