Friday, May 15, 2009

Party Time!

You know, it's kind of sad when your land is so full you can't even rez a party invitation on it, lol. I had to go to a public sandbox to open up my bestie Synful's invite to her bachelorette party, and the people around me were probably wondering why I was taking a picture of myself laying next the cardboard man, lol.

Now to find the perfect outfit to wear for Synful's last night as a free woman...and if this invite is any hint as to what kind of debauchery will be going on, I need to find a blindfold to shield my eyes from any stray floppy bits. I'm anticipating a lot of post party pic editing tomorrow, lmao. I only have 10,000 things in my inventory to pick from, so I'd better get started! XOXO

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